Meet Our Teacher

RENU RAJAINEarly Years Educator(Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
Jolly Phonics Trainer
I am a passionate teacher and Mom of two.I have been teaching since 2008. The journey so far has been greatly satisfying. Watching my students as they transform into confident and happy English speakers is very charming and fulfilling to me at a personal level.  I started teaching from Delhi, India where I worked with kids from rural backgrounds. Over the years I have worked internationally with a wide spectrum of students and have learned a lot myself. I run Jolly phonics classes. Followed by experiences in teaching kids from multi-cultural backgrounds and ethnicities in   Kuala Lumpur Primrose international school teaching Early years and in Jakarta Indonesia, Berlitz teaching Adults and kids. I run my own jolly phonics classes, handwriting improvement classes and story telling classes ( age 3-11) at Let’s learn phonics.
My volunteer work includes government school where kids lack education and English.
I would like to expand my knowledge and learn from my experiences.and would like to groom teacher and kids by providing them support and guidance.By a fun ways – jolly phonics way !

Our Little Story

Jolly Phonics is a fun way of learning sounds. Jolly Phonics is recognized as a very effective way to teach children to read and write English over 26 years ago.
Jolly phonics program, based on the proven, fun synthetic phonics methods that help children in reading and writing from an early age.
The 42 letter sounds in phonics help children to decode the English Language.
The 5 skills that help kids need  which need to master in phonics are :
  • Learning the letter sounds with stories

  • Learning the letter formation(pencil hold ,correction,exercises etc.)

  • Blending(Reading)

  • Segmenting(Identifying the sounds in words).

  • Tricky words(long vowels and short vowel sounds,comprehension skills, alternative spelling for vowels etc.)


  • Role Plays
  • Activities
  • Games
  • Teaching aids,lesson plans etc.


“They don’t handicap your children by making it easy. They strive to help them for themselves.”


“Jolly Phonics helped my child a lot in reading and writing difficult words. Will definitely recommend Renu”.

Devika Singh

Very happy with my child’s progress.He enjoys going to Renu’s handwriting classes. I highly recommend her .

Sandhya Koneru

Thanks renu for helping Mishu learn phonetics.. it was an wonderful experience for her and she always enjoyed your classes so much .

Maria Sengupta

My son is very happy at Renu Rajain jolly phonics class.
Now a days he is keeping him occupied by singing all the jolly phonics songs/ Rhymes. It’s good to see a child learning and enjoying both ! Renu, Wish you all the best in your classroom.

Anjali Bhatia

Renu Rajain have excellent knowledge of jolly phonics my daughter absolutely love her classes !
After finishing the jolly phonics course she wants to enroll in her story telling as well.

Mini Menon


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